4 ReasonsWhy Door Installation is Never a DIY Home Improvement Project?


You are finally ready to change your home’s doors. You may have ordered standard imported doors from a home improvement store or you are maybe waiting for your customised timber door from Profile Doors. But have you thought about the door installation process yet?

When it comes to door installation, most people think of it as a DIY task. After all, it is just about connecting a few hinges with screws, which is a great way of saving money.

Unfortunately, DIY is not always the best way to go things, particularly when it comes to door installation. Here are four reasons why we recommend that door installation should be left to professionals.

Handling Doors is Not Always Easy

When it comes to DIY installation, perhaps, the biggest challenge you will face is handling the door. Doors are heavy, especially the ones made from solid, high-quality wood. And handling them is not always easy, particularly when you are installing them. Moreover, if your doors have glass installations, you often need a lot of help to place them at the right angle for proper installation, which can be tough with DIY installation.

Most Homeowners Lack Technical Knowledge

For those who assume that door installation is all about putting the door on its hinges, think again. There is a lot more involved in it. You need to ensure that the door is aligned within the frame. Moreover, you need to place the door at the proper angle.

Furthermore, most of the doors you may find at a home improvement store often need a bit of adjustment or realignment, something only a professional can do. Therefore, door installation is best left to professionals.

Poor Installation May Cost You Higher Energy Bills

Since most homeowners lack the right set of skills required for door installation, they often end up with improper installation. And while the error may not be obvious, it often reflects in terms of higher energy bills. Doors that are not properly installed are a major contributor to energy loss, translating into higher energy costs. Therefore, the job should be left to the professionals.

DIY Installations Can Lead to Damage and Loss of Warranty

Very often, doors manufactured by top door manufacturers come with a warranty. However, the warranty is only valid if your door installation is done by a professional. When you go for DIY installation and cause damage to your door, you also lose the warranty. So DIY installation, which is often considered a way of saving cost, can cost you more, something you can easily save by opting for professional installation.

While some home improvement projects may be ideal when you DIY but door installation is definitely not one of them. For manufacturing and installation of high-quality customised doors, contact us now.