Top Pros and Cons of having Glass Panel Doors


If you’re needing a new front door for your home, have you considered glass panels? There’s a few things to think about before making a final decision. Below we’ll walk you through the major pros and cons of installing a glass panelled door.

First off...the pros:


  1. Glass is Resilient

Glass is a very resilient material; it won’t rust or flake and you’re very unlikely to damage it, no matter what cleaning products you apply. Glass panels aren’t troubled by heavy rain, snow or even strong wind (so long as they’ve been installed correctly!) Glass isn’t tasty to insects either; meaning If you inset glass panels within a door material like aluminum or fibreglass, you’ll have zero problems with termites or other insect infestations.

  1. Glass is Beautiful!

The reason glass panel doors are so popular in Australian is, in part, because of their beautiful and elegant aesthetic. Glass panelled doors create a stylish first impression of your home, plus glass as a material offers an incredible versatility in design. You can choose from various types of textured glass, including frosted, rippled, glazed, bevelled and water style or, opt for tinted glass, or glass in a combination of vibrant colours.

For something extra special, you can install glass panels with leadlighting. At Profile Doors our 100% Australian made leadlights are manufactured and designed at the request of each customer. Vibrant parrots, religious imagery, floral patterns, you name it and it can be designed in glass for your front door. No other material used in front doors can really compete with the incredible versatility and beauty of glass.

  1. Glass = Natural Light

Depending on where your home is situated and the number and arrangement of windows, you may struggle to get enough natural light into your house. Choosing a glass panel door gives you the perfect opportunity to let in more sunshine and brighten up your home. Interestingly, if you’ve ever wondered about the preponderance of glass doors and walls in office spaces, it’s often for this very reason. The transparent nature of glass means optimal sunlight can filter into office spaces; and natural light has been proven to help people work more effectively plus to elevate mood.



  1. Loss of Privacy

Your home is your castle and generally most of us prefer that castle to feel nice and private. For this reason, and especially if your front door looks straight out onto a busy road or massive apartment block, a glass panelled door may be a less appealing option. However, while privacy concerns could mean ruling out transparent glass panels, there are other glass options which minimise the possibility of prying eyes. Think textured glass or even reflective glass.

  1. Security Shortfall

Yes, one of the key problems with glass is that it’s relatively easy to break and therefore doesn’t offer the same security benefits as a tougher door material like steel or solid timber. Do keep in mind though that laminated glass (or glass mimicking products) can offer additional strength and therefore security. Plus if you do opt for a glass panelled door, you can obviously choose a locking mechanism which requires a key and install a security screen door as well.

For beautiful, custom-designed glass panelled or timber doors, contact Profile Doors today.