Pivot Doors and What You Need To Know About Them


Pivot doors are the hottest additions to any luxury home design. They’re the epitome of style and elegance, and there is no other type of door that can modernise your home in the same way that a pivot door can. People who’re working on modernising and upgrading their homes are replacing their doors with pivot doors – they’ve gained significant popularity in a very short time for all the right reasons.

If you’re looking to get pivot doors installed in your home, we suggest you do thorough research on what exactly they are and everything else there is to know about them!

What Are Pivot Doors?

Unlike the traditional doors, pivot doors aren’t attached to the wall from one side with the help of 2 to 3 hinges. In fact, they don’t open from any one side of the door. It is something that may sound unusual, but when you see a pivot door for the first time, it will surely blow your mind! In pivot doors, the pivot point isn’t the wall, but it is few inches inside the door frame, providing the door with a literal pivot. Technically speaking, there are no hinges on a pivot door. Some pivot doors have a pivot in the centre. It is the basic difference between a regular door and a pivot door, which makes the pivot doors so unique!

Things To Know Before Buying A Pivot Door

While you may be super-excited to replace your traditional door with a good-looking pivot door, there are some things that you must know before investing in these modern doors.

1.      They’re Expensive

Don’t expect pivot doors to come cheap. They’re quite expensive; hence, they’re classified as luxury home design items. Before you can make your mind up, you should make sure that your budget allows for this major home improvement.

2.      They’re Massive

Pivot doors are much larger than your regular doors. They’re not only huge, but they’re also incredibly heavy, which is one of the reasons why they’re so expensive. So, before you decide on replacing the doors of your house with pivot doors, you need to see whether the walls of the house are big enough for a pivot door. If you’re concerned about safety, you need not fret. They’re made to be secure and safe.

3.      They Can’t Be Sealed

One of the drawbacks of pivot doors is that they can’t be sealed completely. As a result, you can’t keep dust, pollen grains, insects, and even noise from the outside from coming into your home. It is something people realise after installing these doors. If any of this makes a difference to you, you need to re-visit your plans.

4.      They’re High Maintenance

Pivot doors are usually installed at the main entrance of a house. As such, they’re regularly exposed to environmental factors. The pivot itself has to be maintained in top shape to keep the door functioning smoothly. Pivot doors are high maintenance. If you can keep up with the maintenance, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get them!

Pivot doors can upgrade your home’s appearance and appeal single-handedly. They’re luxury home additions and are so-called for all the right reasons!