Top #3 Tips on How to Get Your Front Doors to Last Longer and Look New


Quality timber doors are made to last, and, if properly looked after, they should last the entire lifespan of your house. So, what can you do to ensure your timber door goes the distance, while looking perennially fantastic to boot?


Below we share our top three tips for caring for your timber door.

1. Protect Your Door from the Rain

Timber is a natural material and therefore, it is susceptible to the weather. It tends to swell when humidity is high, and especially so when water penetrates the wood. For this reason, we strongly recommend you ensure that your door is protected from rain, including puddling at the door’s base. This means making sure your entranceway is properly sheltered. That could involve extending the entrance overhang if it’s insufficient or, even planting a wind break of fast-growing small trees in your yard. If neither of these options are cost-effective, your next best solution is simply to make sure you dry down your door and mop up any proximate puddles as soon as possible after heavy rainfall.


2. Keep Your Door Painted or Stained

Your door would have been painted or stained prior to installation. Both these processes serve a dual purpose; not only do they add to the aesthetic value of your entrance, they also help to protect the timber door itself. The main difference between painting and staining is that staining actually penetrates the timber, helping to prevent weathering, plus infiltration of the timber by the likes of mould and mildew. Painting in contrast, simply coats the timber while also acting as an effective shield to the harmful effects of water, sunlight and humidity.

Whether your preference is for painting or staining, the important point here is that your door’s paint or stain is in good condition and still effective. So how do you know when your timber door needs a new paint or stain?

Paint your door if you can see paint starting to flake off, or if the paint is wearing thin or fading. If you have glass panels installed in your door, take special note of painted areas close to the glass, as this is one of the first areas on your door likely to flake.

Stain if you can see any kind of damage, or patchy sections on your timber. A great way to test if a stain is still effective is to trickle water against the door. If the stain is still working, the water should bead off. If it soaks in, then we hate to say it, but it’s likely that you should have stained the door some time ago!


3. Keep that Door Clean!

As with most other components in your home, keeping your timber door clean is the number one step you can easily implement to keep it looking new. Cleaning your door at regular intervals can also help the paintwork last longer, especially if you live in an area with high levels of air pollution. To clean your timber door, simply wipe down each side with a damp cloth and a gentle detergent. Do not hose down or pressure clean your door! This can damage the paintwork or stain. For any tough ingrained stains, we suggest researching the appropriate product, based on the type of paint or stain applied to your door.


We hope our top tips will help you enjoy your beautiful timber door for longer.

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