Top five things to consider when choosing your home’s main front door


Top five things to consider when choosing your home’s main front door

You might be surprised by how many options are out there when you’re looking for a new front door. With so many choices it can feel like an overwhelming decision!  

That’s why we’ve put together a top five list of the things you should think about before making your final decision:

  1. Research

We recommend you grab a pen and paper and pop your research cap on before you settle on a budget for your new door. Visit local suppliers, ask lots of questions and check out the range of door options available online. Take a walk around your neighbourhood to get a sense of what types of doors appeal to you. Figure out what your priorities are - low maintenance? Style? Affordability? - and get a sense of what you can get for your money.

  1. Style and aesthetic

One of the biggest factors influencing your front door decision will obviously be how it will look. Consider if you want a statement piece, featuring design elements like carving or lead-lighting, or, a no-fuss door that’s purely functional.  Before choosing your door, look at the exterior colour scheme on your house, look at the style. Ask yourself if you want the door to blend in or stand boldly out?

  1. Different materials offer different benefits

Wooden doors are an eternally popular choice – they offer style and elegance and come in a huge range of designs to match any home. Many door companies offer custom designs too. Wooden doors can be painted or stained, which means you have the option to change the colour when you give your house a makeover. However they can be prone to warping or swelling during large temperature changes and therefore, need some maintenance.

Steel doors can offer a toned-down sophisticated aesthetic. They are often constructed with a steel outer layer, with a wooden or steel frame underneath and a foam filling, meaning they provide good insulation. They can also be made with a wooden veneer on the exterior so you can paint the door the colour of your choice. Steel doors are very durable; you won’t have the warping problems you might see with a wooden door.  However, in very hot or cold weather, steel doors can heat up or cool down to the point where they are painful to touch.

Fibreglass doors can be designed to mimic wooden doors but aren’t as expensive. They offer great insulation and don’t require any maintenance. They come in a large range of styles and can be painted to suit your home, just like wood.

  1. Security

When it comes to security and strength, any plain, quality door you buy, regardless of material type, will provide you with a similar level of security. However, what you’ll want to think about is the locking mechanism. We recommend you look for a door with a quality deadbolt to ensure maximum security.

If security is a concern, you may want to purchase a door with narrow glass panels rather than a large pane of glass at the top.

If you opt for a solid door, with no glass, it’s a good idea to ensure it has a peep hole.


Unless you’re thinking of a custom designed door, you’ll obviously be constrained to some extent in your choice by size requirements.

Think about whether you are willing to remodel or resize your entrance to fit your dream door.

Will you need to replace the framing fixtures and door jamb to match the new door or are the old frames still suitable?

We hope this advice is helpful to you in your quest for the ideal front door. You are always welcome to call our friendly team to discuss in more detail.