The front door is the doorway to your home. Make sure it not only looks good but it is also sturdy and strong!


You’re standing in front of a new property. It’s different territory – it’s something new and unfamiliar. So, what’s the first thing you notice? What catches your eye?

It’s likely the front door is the first place your head turns towards, and as this entranceway is the first point of call, it only makes sense to ensure it gives a good first impression. But the front door also has two important tasks:

  1. It needs to look the part and hold up under everyday use;
  2. It needs to brave the elements constantly.

With all this in mind, how can you find the most suitable design for your needs?

Features of a great front door

There are plenty of elements that you can utilise for this point of entry, all of which can be as bold or as minimalistic as you like. But remember, nothing is more important than it being able to stand the test of time. It should also have a good sense of character and the ability to stylise your property coherently.

So, with all of this on your checklist, where do you even start? Here are a few dot points to help you get started on the right track.

  • If you live somewhere with a lot of noise echoing from the streets, then a solid panel door may be a good choice. This design will help keep some of the loud noises out of your personal space, all the while opting for a sense of style.


  • Will your front door have an overhead cover like a verandah or patio? If not, you may want to settle on a more durable material Steel or fibreglass are great options and will stand the test of time. But if you are looking for that classic woodgrain finish, then UPVC is definitely one to add to your wishlist.


  • If you are extra cautious about your property’s current security measures, you may wish to add an extra layer through a specially designed security door. This will add the level of protection you need for peace of mind.


  • If the foyer is often dark, consider adding glass panels to let some natural light in.


  • Consider if adding a splash of colour is on your agenda. This may impact just how ‘playful’ you get with the design, or how vibrant you want to go. If colour isn’t high on your priorities, opt for neutral tones to keep things understated.


  • Once you’ve chosen out the ultimate design, ensure you have the professional help you need to install it correctly.


Ultimately, there’s plenty of dos and don’ts for choosing a door to top off the look and feel of your house. As the first impression for many visitors, it needs to make a positive impact, so think carefully about how it looks and feels to those that are stepping foot on your doorstep for the first time.