Quality Doors are a Must, Not Just for Durability but for Security!


When selecting a new front door, homeowners often tend to focus on the aesthetic aspect. This is important, no arguments here, however it’s also worthwhile to think about other factors. Like how durable your new door will be, and whether it will offer your household optimum security.

Doors that are poorly designed and made from cheap materials won’t provide you with the hardwearing security you’ll get from a quality door. What do we mean by quality? Let’s take a look.  

Quality Doors = Durable Doors

At Profile Doors not only do we supply and sell standard doors we also create beautiful custom doors. Because of this we understand exactly what makes for a quality door which stands the test of time. Quality + durability equals:

  • Using timber to make the entire door – Solid wood doors provide excellent protection against wear and tear while solid core wooden doors (which are composed of a quality wood veneer glued over a composite wood) are also very hardy. Both types should last the life of the house. The alternative – hollow core doors are likely to last just 20-30 years.
  • Installing quality hardware – Door knobs, handles, locks and hinges should all be built to last. Quality hardware generally comes with a lifetime warranty. If you opt for cheap, inferior fittings, you may well have to replace them ahead of time.

Quality Doors and Fittings = Security

Obviously if a burglar is trying to access your home, a solid hardwood door requires a heck of a lot more kicking down than a cheap hollow core/softwood door. For this reason alone, quality timber doors do provide more security. However as we discussed in a previous post, a lot of the security value you’ll get from your door is related to the fittings and types of locks you select. Contact us at Profile Doors for advice on optimum security locks.

Doors only Provide Security When You Lock Them!

A 2015 Australian Institute of Criminology Study of police detainees revealed a telling statistic. As part of a wider survey of detainees, those who had been found guilty of breaking and entering were asked why they identified one particular home over others as a potential target.

The detainees could select as many answers as they wished, but precisely 70% listed doors and windows being left open as a draw card for selecting a property to burgle.  As you can see from the participants’ responses below, no other factor was as important in choosing a target as this.

Mistakes that residents make, according to burglars:  

  • Doors/windows left open - 70%
  • Minimal security - 40%
  • Easy to enter backyards - 25%
  • Detectable keys - 12%
  • False security systems - 8%
  • Environmental design - 5%
  • Skylights - 2%*

It’s therefore important to stress that if you’re after a quality door for security reasons; your investment is only worthwhile if you ensure you keep the door locked.

Other Ways to Beef Up Security

If you are concerned about security, you may want to consider additional safety features if you have not already done so. Most doors and windows can be fitted with additional locking or safety features while home alarm systems can provide you with peace of mind especially while you’re away on holiday. Simple solar powered sensor lights can also be an effective deterrent, if you live in a suburban or city setting where neighbours can easily see your house.



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Australia Statistics 2019